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Originally Posted by bluflaggz View Post
I ceramic coated mine too. I think it was worth it. If you are looking for strictly paint protection, I would recommend a clear bra instead of the ceramic. If you are looking for constant shine and easy cleaning, then the ceramic is the way to go. I don't seem to wash my car as much as I used to 10 years ago, but when I do, the ceramic coating makes it so much easier to wash. Like the others said, you can get away with pressure washing and dry.

One thing worth pointing out:
If you are worried about dust, your car will still pick up dust. For me I feel like I notice the dust more with the ceramic coating since the dust sits on the surface of the ceramic now.

I agree with applying film, but otherwise I think your dealer is seriously misinformed.

There's no way that an organic product like carnauba or even a synthetic can compete with a silica based sealant. Your statement makes the point - with a ceramic coating you won't NEED to wax the car every 'x' weeks. Just rinse, wipe and go. I did mine about this time last year, and it's still going strong.

One thing about the film - I've been told that because of differing (lower) degree of UV that passes through the film, compared to the amount of exposure directly to the paint, you can possibly have shading differences. You know... kina like auto tan lines. I hope to film the whole car this year.
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