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Originally Posted by BMWI6 View Post
The headlights might be the only accurate thing in this render. This is basically an old 6 with new headlights.
if you look at the spy photos and look carefully you will see the lines of the car. if you dont have an eye for things like this you wont see what i see. but yes its basically an old 6 with a new shaped hood and headlights, and the lines on the side by the doors are pushed up higher.

Originally Posted by TheFlashback View Post
Nice chop! I really doubt it will look anything like that though. The Bangle wanna be grill is in history now, also, the lights look very edgy. That's not the trend BMW is taking us to.
the grill will be changed i just couldnt find a good grill to put in there. working on that now. just have to wait and see.

Originally Posted by mcacciola View Post
very nice.
but I think the grill should be updated/changed.
grill is being worked on right now.

Originally Posted by asdfx View Post
Sorry man but your vision of the new 6-series is wrong!
At least, you should have used the kidney grills of the F01 instead.
how do you see its wrong? if youre hoping for something better good luck but BMW is making their cars more unaggressive every year except for maybe the M3 and the X5.

Originally Posted by ArabianSensation View Post
Not too sure about this :\ Those grills will definitely be different, but the whole thing doesn't seem quite right

You know, I actually like the current 6 a lot, I hope they don't mess it up
me neither but from the looks of it, it wont be quite the same. totally new front design.
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Not an exact rendering as some of the detail is way off from the actual chosen design of the new 6er.
I give you points for your M5 though...
where is the actual chosen design of the new 6 series? show me?