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Hi everyone

Finally decided (after playing around with a mates f10 m5) for my next car I want a M6 Gran Coupe . I really want to stretch for a facelift model but if not will still be happy with a pre-facelift.

When viewing one is there anything in particular I should look for ? any common issues in certain years ?. Obviously ill view ones with full service history and the common evidence that a car has been looked after.

And my final question if I do get a facelift model can apple carplay be coded in?? I have seen it been done but it was on a 2016 M6 GC and im not sure if its just the facelift that can have them coded in for from a certain year.

thanks in advance

Just picked up the pre-LCI version and I do not regret it a bit, although I put a lot of thoughts to this before making the decision on my car. There are some subtle changes from pre-LCI to LCI but I actually like the pre-LCI headlight better than the LCI too so I honestly won't let this bother you if I were you because the changes were really subtle changes. However, if you do not like the look of pre-LCI then yes go for LCI cuz retrofitting the headlight alone is going to be hella expensive and not worth it.

As far as getting the apple play coded in, I don't know this one but I was thinking of purchasing Bimmertech MMI Prime because I really do not like the i-drive that much.

here is the link

Good luck!