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Did you read what I posted earlier? A GT3 is 3200 lbs.; a GT4 is 3000 pounds. There's NO UTILITY in either car. Porsche sells those cars are low volume; they are a niche car company. BMW IS NOT. BMW cannot produce a passenger car at GT4 weight, and surely not without charging Porsche prices or beyond. You are high!

If a Lotus worked for you, you'd already be driving one. If a Porsche worked for you, you'd be driving one of those too.
the lightest 2 cars that bmw still makes is well sadly ... the supra.

And that is still 3400 lbs for the i-6 and 3200 for the i4.

They are more than liveable though, so I guess if they really had to they could do it. I'd guess if they made the supra chassis smaller so it couldn't fit an i-6, made the B48 put out say 350+ hp, it probably wouldn't be insane to think it could get down to 3000-3100 lbs. Just make it some sort of e30 m3 throwback car.
So you'd deem a Supra "livable"? Surely you jest.