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Originally Posted by finalfan7asy View Post
New BMW M6 owner. I need to purchase a winter wheel and tire set and was unsure if installing them on my vehicle myself is advisable. I own a small jack and would need to raise each side independently. I've changed tires before (flats) but never a set. Does the M6 have jack points for each wheel or will I likely cause some damage without using a mechanical car lift? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
See image below captured form the owners manual (page 267 in the PDF version). It shows the location of the jack pads which can be found on each side of the car.

If you are missing any of the jack (lift) pads...I would suggest to NOT buy generically...but look up the 11 digit BMW part number for the ones you need...then shop using the correct 11 digit BMW part number. I say that because some models may have two different size jack pads. The front ones may be slightly "slimmer" than the rear there are different part nbrs. Again, this is easy to find out by just entering your VIN in one of the online part database sites like

{#19 = front lift pad & #22 = rear lift pad on the f06 & f13...the f12 uses #19 on all 4 check the part database using your VIN to make sure which jack pads you need}

You can also lift the car from the front end and rear end. There is a jack point near the center of the car below the engine bay...and you can also lift the vehicle from the rear below the diff (just be sure to NOT place your lift where it would contact the rear diff's COVER...this could damage it). Also, if you lift the car (especially) from the rear...make sure you use a tire chock in front of the front tires because there is nothing to prevent the car from rolling forward. The transmission's park pawl, nor the rear axle emergency brakes will prevent the car from "wheel barrowing" when the rear is lifted.
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