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2014- 2017 m6gc
vs alpina / x5m

considering cars above:


any major differences themselves would be from buying a low mile 2014 gc ( under 25k mikes) vs say a 2o17 m6 gc ( with about 52k mikes)

the only think noticed was the 14 did not have ac seats but otherwise loaded w Cc braskrs & as far as i can tell the car was losddd to max — 1owbeev22k mikes

love the color combo - but do i stay away n go for the 2017 for simple reason it's newer and possivle less links worked out ?

both cars are the frozen color which i hear csbt be taken tgroufh a car wash - not the end of the work but if that frozen collie a big enough pia for me to stay away from?

option B:

alpina b6 — again i saw frozen 2915 n looked persect — onky this in the 2016 models have the 600 hp engine vs the 540 hp in the 2015 — sharpe cars —— but pretty similar to my 2025 659x gran coupe now ( which i do love

option C :

orrrrrr suck it up ang get x5m - def more practical as family car - & i has 2011 x5m tuned by velos & it was super fast — love tove the car - missed doing occasionally burnout —- plus my wife has x5 — so do i really need 2 x5 // one x5m ( mine) one 3'x53.5 sport gets

wil currextcstardcof economy i figured i have about a month before work kicksback up n i pull the triggers

i need to sell the 65o gc n was insulted w $30k tase innwhen msnheim dhoesc$24!n loesrv650 gc in country in sutotrsderceasc$24k —i owe $32k n have full year of number to bumrrvearrabttbinckudekibg warranty — i'm will you take a few thousand hit but not $12k

im a mortgage broker n cars dad salesman takes the cake for worst

i'll post a pic of my car if any interest buyers too ( car was $102 new & accident fromdone idiot backing into me at a wawa) but other than that perfect car w few rims strstchesx

2014 m6 gc low miles n frozen silver over brown i love
2917 found matte brown
2015 matte broen of get 2916 black
or x5m - black over aragon broen ( surprisingly still holding it value greatly)

i appreciate all n all fees back n i'll post pic of my 650

thank u all!!