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Total Engine Failure at 44K miles!!!

I was driving and my engine just seized up. I took it to my BMW dealer and they let me know the engine was seized and that it wasn't repairable.

They said the approximate cost of a new engine was $20K!!! They said they would ask BMW if they would be willing to help out with the repair given the low mileage of the engine, that it had been serviced with BMW, and that it was a certified pre-owned purchased at a dealer. The car is no longer under any warranty.

I haven't heard back from them yet, people are on vacation for the holidays.

I'm hoping for some advice and some other options depending on what they come back with.

Have others experienced this? What was the best offer they could get from BMW? Is a used engine an option and if so what is the approximate cost?

Certainly any other ideas and thoughts are appreciated.

My BMW is a 2013 650i xdrive convertible with about 44K miles.