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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
It's subjective, but I assure you the MPE sounds way better than the MPE on a M4.

A few considerations, are you sure you have a MPE? Can you take a picture of the exhaust canister? Sounds crazy, but some people are confused about what comes on a competition package car. The MPE is not standard on a competition car.

Here is a picture:

Also, your car may have ASD unplugged or coded out. And your M4 may have had ASD on. At least check this as well. I remember when I unplugged my ASD, The immediate reaction was the car's interior cabin was quieter and less boomy.

However I could hear my exhaust pop. It only happens in certain situations, hard to duplicate all the time. I can tell you, I definitely can hear my exhaust. Windows down it just sounds amazing.
I went under to ensure I have the right exhaust, based on the pictures, I believe I have the right M exhaust.

I had the flaps coded to be open at all time when I first purchased the M6. Not sure if this ASD was disabled.

would you recommend getting checked at the dealer ? any upgraded would you recommend to get a better aggressive exhaust? [IMG]undefined[/IMG]
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