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Is my M Akra Exhaust Defected

I have the M Performance Titanium Akra Exhaust on my 2018 M6 GC Compitition.

Coming from an M4 with M Performance Titanium Exhaust, it had a satisfying sound and enjoybale pops/crackles on downshifting.

My current M6 M Titanuim exhaust I can barely hear it if the windows are up. I hear more of the engine sound. When the windows are down I can hear the rumpling but nothing more. Also, no pops on downshifting.

Overall, I hearing the engine more than exhaust .

Is the exhaust system defect? its still underwarranty with 16k Miles on.

If this is how M Exhaust sound, what can I do to enhance the sound without voiding the warranty ?

How can I get the pops/crackle sound upon shifting up and down??

Your feedback is highly apperciated.
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