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There seem to be so many variations from state to state. I checked out the following:



- Easy Care (through my dealership)

- BMW extended warranty (offered by both dealers and BMW Financial Services). The only one that guarantees OEM parts, even if they have to shipped from Germany at no cost to you.

- Veritas (offered by BMW Financial Services who claim that they have excellent experience and customer rating with many years in business)

The covered period goes from as short as 2 years (BMW and Easy Care) to as long as 7 years (Endurance). The latter offers the best bang for the buck (80K miles/7yrs) including tire and wheel protection for just a little over $5,300. Similar Carchex plan is over $8,000. Next best was Veritas at under $5000 for 5yrs, but I don't think they cover tires and wheels. Other more expensive and shorter term plans don't offer tire and wheel protection either.

The quotes are for a 3y/o BMW650 with less than 25,000 miles. Of course, over time as the car gets older those will change.

Anyone had experience with Endurance or any of the above? Years ago I got extended warranty from BMW directly on an old 7 series and it was well worth the money, but those were different times and everything was a lot cheaper.