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Brief update, 8 months after purchasing the warranty.

> All work completed at BMW of Alexandria, where I purchased the warranty. Other dealers can be used, and I may be changing dealers, but that's for another post.

> Had 2 issues with my car:

1 - Trunk pop. The gas struts had failed so the trunk lid didn't open, it just popped an inch. Never even knew this was a problem until I saw some posts about it on here, although always thought it was a bit odd!

2 - Steering wheel vibrator. Another common problem, this was rattling like crazy so I'd turned off most of my driving assistance features.

RE the warranty work - BMW Alexandria got it done right, first time, no issues. Did give me a scare of charging $160 diagnosis fee to test the steering wheel motor and another $160 to test the trunk not popping up - absolute joke. Caveat was, if the warranty covered the claim, this would be included in the coverage.

Estimated Cost
Steering wheel motor assembly $547.80
Trunk shocks / gas pressure props $843.31
Diagnosis fees $320

I'm assuming the above is plus labour, and it excludes shop fees and sales tax.

I'm sure the bill to the warranty company was substantial, but they paid out. My out of pocket cost was $100 deductible.

The Assurant warranty is by no means exclusive to Alexandria, it's effective everywhere in the US. However - and this may be BS - as a long time dealer of the warranty, Alexandria work with them every day to make claims, so the process is a lot smoother than say - going to an independent who may have to spend a lot time going back and forth with Assurant.

All told, it took about 5 days to get the steering wheel and trunk struts work complete. This includes 2 days just finding my coverage after the dealership made typo in the paperwork, diagnosis, getting warranty approval and getting the parts in - I think that's pretty fast.

I would guess that even an indie shop would charge c. $1k for all the above (at least in this area), including labour, tax etc. By that token, my warranty has been 100% worth it. I budgeted c$1.5k per year (see above in this thread) for warranty cost, any more and I would prefer to bank the money in a rainy day fund.

100% recommended as it stands!

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