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Update - had to make a decision quickly as am heading out of town for some time, so I ended up going with The Mechanic (Assurant) warranty offered by BMW Alexandria.

Deal was $7.2k inc taxes for the platinum exclusionary coverage 5yr/60k 100ded, from date of signing. That would take me to 2024/105k miles. It's a massive warranty for a massive price - but the reasons I went for it were:

1 - Dealer has a long history working with them, and have had no issues with things like labor rates and non-OEM parts. Assurant are a big company.
2 - I'm looking primarily at the per-year cost, as virtually all the warranties I've seen are pro-rata refundable. I budgeted $1500 p/y as the max I would spend on a warranty; if it was much more than that I would rather just stash the $1500 away each year and keep my fingers crossed. This deal falls just below that ($1440p/y)
3 - The long terms mean that if I sell the car after a couple years, there will still be significant warranty coverage available for the new buyer, or a nice $3k+ refund for me

The only downside with this was I had to put the whole amount up front to get the discounted price. I have 60 days to change my mind so will keep my options open!