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Originally Posted by Marcus Frost View Post
So I am running LiquiMoly Special Tec 5W-30, and I just sent out my stuff to Blackstone also, will post back in this thread.

I want to add something to this discussion that is not being discussed - oil change intervals are only 1 PIECE of the PIE when it comes to the S63. The other two pieces are:

- High Quality Oil
- Waiting until oil reaches OPERATING TEMP before subjecting engine to load

This isn't EVERYTHING when it comes to maintaining these motors but people just think I'm going to start changing my oil often but then beat on it 60 seconds after I pull her out of the garage I'll be ok - no. Best practices are oil changes every 3-5k, good quality oil (something that I think should be debated more) and LET oil temp get to AT LEAST 200F before giving even more than 60% throttle!
Interested to see your results with the 5W-30 SpecialTec as that is LiquiMoly's direct replacement for the OEM oil as far as weight goes. I was between that oil and the 5W-40 Molygen I ended up going with.

I absolutely agree with your philosophy on bringing the engine to temp before placing load on the drivetrain. I figured these were common sense things but I guess for some perhaps not

Originally Posted by patchesj View Post
Completely agree...
"Personally, $30 for a test every oil change, changes every 5k miles, using the highest quality oil available, and having a startup/shutdown process seems to be minimal investment vs even just a bearing replacement (which may or may not be necessary proactively to prevent full failure)"

It was mentioned in another thread and not reposted here I think, but you must absolutely allow oil to reach a stable temp before putting it under load. That is easily the number one thing to do for these motors, really any ICE. I would say 30% throttle (off boost) or 3k RPM actually in the S63.

I'm fairly new to my M6, but I recall other M cars having a variable red line on the tach that would slowly go away during warm up? It was still way to high, but at least was a visual reminder to keep you foot out of it.
My Audi S6 C7 had that feature and it was kind of nice. Little red LED's bordering the tach that would recede back to the red line as the engine came up to temp. Agree though that it was almost always high based on whatever temp the car was at.

I always drive my M6 in manual mode in an effort to control RPM's even more when cold as well as it just being more fun when the car is warm too. My typical warm up procedure from cold looks something like:
  1. Start engine, allow to idle down before putting in gear
  2. First 3-5 minutes, very gentle load, short shifting to keep RPM's below 2k even
  3. 5-10 minutes, still gentle load but allowing RPM's to creep up above 2k to 2,500
  4. Once the oil temp needle creeps off the bottom 160 hash - gentle to moderate (50% throttle MAX) load up to 3k until engine is at full operating temp
I also make a note to cool the car back down when I know I'll be shutting it off soon. Usually revert back to list item #2 for the warm up procedure for the last 2 minutes or so of driving so the car shuts down at just under the 205 degree middle dot.

Car is also always in sport plus drivetrain for the enhanced cooling. I haven't experimented with keeping it in 'Efficient' during the warm up process to see if it warms it up any quicker or not, but I may give it a shot and report back

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