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Originally Posted by patchesj View Post
This might be a very good question for LiquiMoly tech support. Personally, I would test both times... Also, I've heard LiquiMoly say you didn't need to use more additives with MolyGen as "it's already in there"?
Good point, I guess I didn't really think of that last point to be honest

If the additives in the Ceratec product are already in the Molygen oil, I suppose there is a slightly elevated concentration of those additives thus affecting an analysis to some degree. Thinking if the first time the engine has seen these additives is at 50k and LiquiMoly recommends every 25k, hopefully no harm in having a slightly elevated concentration for the next 5k miles and will balance itself out in a sense. Perhaps another reason to reach out to their support staff.

FWIW, I will note that I have noticed an audible difference at cruising speeds between the OEM oil that was in the car to the combination that is in the car now, noticeably quieter and smoother. Cold starts seem to idle more consistently and smoothly as well.