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Originally Posted by JC04 View Post
I have been reading a lot about oils (years). To me the Bmw 0w-30 works perfectly fine for the s63 engine for everyday driving. There isn't a need to look for a magical oil. Most people don't even own the car for more than 5 years. Follow the recommendation and you will be fine. Unless people modified, tuned or race the car.

To quote myself from the other thread, this isn't so much about a "magic oil" but knowing that oils are made for specific purposes, they have limited lifetimes, and your engine oil needs to be treated with respect in a performance motor.

"Personally, $30 for a test every oil change, changes every 5k miles, using the highest quality oil available, and having a startup/shutdown process seems to be minimal investment vs even just a bearing replacement (which may or may not be necessary proactively to prevent full failure)"