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Originally Posted by RufussCkingston View Post
Just curious.... how do you know that you don't have it.... Fitmaster picked his up in sept and it has it.... He posted pictures...
I thought so to I have has 3D buildings to in limited areas but it's not the new new one. I think he should have the same. The new one has the fancy graphics on the very left of the screen as you go through the menus and such (Kind of like Web 2.0 stuff). In a few hours at lunch I will snap some shots of the 3 series loaner I have that has it.

The only way i could be mistaken and I do have the new system is that I asked for the european maps while i'm over here in germany and they had to put a "lower grade" version of the system to compliment that. But that would be a situation for all the ED folks as well. I still have the 6NR option code on my buyers list.