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Originally Posted by V8 View Post
Take a look at the m6 pics here:

If you look at the sakhir orange coupe black interior it looks like it's partial leather and I can see white stitching. But this is a launch car so may have been spec'd differently.

I've found this across the board with the options on the m6, it's really tough to figure out how much merino leather is included in extended leather. On my E92 M3 I get merino leather on the arm rests but it appears that on the m6 its the rougher nappa leather...

Also don't even get me started on weather or not we'll get the updated nav professional with the new UI....
I agree that it's confusing. I have a friend that is going on his fifth M5 and apparently thinks he's getting short changed on his order regarding the leather.

Have you seen the bulletin on the new iDrive and UI? You should be "good to go." Again, I can only offer opinions, but I think the debut cars shipped before it was incorporated, but the M6 was in the first models to get it. So an Aug/Sep build should have the update. The strange thing is the the 650 is the LAST car to get in March '13 builds. I'm still on the fence between the M6 and the 650. That I have to wait until Feb to assure a March build with the new iDrive is a pain. Just don't know if it's a $24K pain between the two cars to motor around DC and VA at 40 mph most of the time.