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Contrast stitching appears to be a by-product of a "individual" option. Of course, I haven't seen a lot of examples in person, but that's what my sales advisor said. Sort of like the piping on the seats in the "individual" leather 650s.

Go to the BMW "build your one" selection of the site, Spec a car with Zandvoort beige or Sakir orange. In the bottom right select the big picture and then the magnifying glass symbol. Then do the same with "Individual" Champage or Amaro brown. The contrast stitching would be apparent in all cases, but is only present on the last two.

Unsure what's expected with a full leather black car. Clearly there's no white contrast stitching etc. That appears pretty clear.

I too really like it though and it's worth jumping from $3.5k for just full to $5K for a rarer interior color IMHO.

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