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Originally Posted by Msparta View Post
Not sure if spacers have any negative performance or hardware impact to the bolts at stop and go with high accelerations however I imagine because spacers just sit between hardware these have minuet but real play and tolerance that can damage the wheel bolts...

The look and stance is excellent nonetheless... I would also say the grime from the road will have more area to clean then having the wheels in their stock placement under the fender 100%... paint damage overtime on the lower door sides may or may not be a thing but just worth considering.

Great pics
IND uses these spacers on there Race car so they did there R&D there well tested , The spacers come with all new wheel bolts to compensate the 10mm space etc, they give you anti seize and new longer hub bolts to fasten the spacers in place , I have done over 160+mph serval times with zero vibrations
I have Carbon side skirts that protect my rockers from rock chips