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Not at all, just protecting people home value. You get several chances before fines. Fines that people agreed to when buying their homes.
Are said fines even LEGAL? For example, let's some someone complains about their neighbor playing music/TV too loud. Let's even go beyond that & say the complete was just from a dope & there was not excessive noise, but the HOA just fined the person b/c of whatever reason they wanted. How the hell can bs like that hold up in court? Not like they can take your house away from you
Our HOA does not handle noise violations. We also do not react to complaints just on someone's word. It has to be a tangible violation that can be verified.

The HOA can:

Issue fines
Put a lien on your house
Force a bank foreclosure if the debt gets too large or old.

Do your thing man. Good luck.