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Intermittent Smoke on Deceleration - 2015 M6

I know there are a few threads about thisbut none recent or none have a resolution. Here's the deal:

2015 M6 with 19k miles
Catless DPs (recent), Stage 2 Tune, BMR Intakes, Megan Racing Axleback

Car will randomly smoke rolling up to a stop
It is a whitish smoke and smells dirtier than normal offroad exhaust odor
No smoke on cold start
No smoke after warming up car (15min drive) then idling (10 min) then rev
-this is the test many use for valve seals

My assumption is turbo seals but seems so odd at this mileage.

Any other tests to ensure it is turbo seals? I was told smoke on decel was turbo seals but see other turbo seals smoke all the time. And some say intermittent smoke signifies valve seals.

Anyone else had similar issue and a resolution?
Appreciate 0