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Rebuilding M6 / S63 engine questions

Hi everyone,

I made my initial post on the general thread but was recommended to post on the M6 thread.

I bought an M6 GC through insurance. Left Front hit and stationary. I was well aware it was going to be a 50/50 toss up getting the thing to run but for the spec and final price it was worth a shot. It has been neat to learn about, my limited engine experience has made the s63 car a rude wake up call with the circuits and computers.

Anyhow, I got to the point of test starting the car and unfortunately I believe the engine is blown. The radiators still leaked after filling up with coolant although I don't think it should've prevented a test start.

Question: Will the circuits sensing the coolant levels prevent the engine from turning even if the starter engages?

I'll attach a video of what I heard, I've been second guessing myself but it sure sounds like the starter to me. I ask because the coolant was absolutely not completely full and hard to know whether the coolant was truly circulating or not. I'm assuming the starter engaging but no crank means seized engine

Thanks Everyone!

Test Start Vid:

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