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Originally Posted by Bewstd View Post
my thoughts! Why i won't actually tune the M2 because I want to get good as possible with stock HP. Focusing on grip and chassis etc.

at Barber Motorsports park i've seen well built Aero E36's keep up with GT3's, but thats a tight track with only a couple of spots for higher HP dominating
Yup, i have no plans to ever track the M2. Don't get me wrong, driving a fast street car to its limits is still super fun, but there really isn't much in this world that can compete with the sheer thrill of honest to goodness wheel to wheel racing. It doesn't matter if your car is slow or even if you finish near the back of the pack. If you find yourself another similarly fast car with a good driver and have a full on battle with them on the track, you'll both be grinning ear to ear for the next several days no matter who ended up getting the last word.

I doubt there's anyone on this forum who didn't dream of growing up and being a race car driver. Real life didn't work out like that for the vast majority of us, but out on the track, in a low buck racecar, you sure as hell feel like it might have.
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