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Fear not mates, I've done Le Mans the last 3 years in a row and I'd be happy to share my experience.

Where to stay:
I would recommend getting an Airbnb as close to the circuit as possible. The first two years we stayed about a 15 min walk away and it was really convenient. This year, we stayed a little farther and had to find parking closer to the circuit. They shut down a lot of streets but finding parking isn't impossible since it's a 24 hour race. Never tried camping because I'm bougie.

Depends how you plan on getting there. The city center is pretty far from the circuit and Tours is actually a pretty small town. Have always had a car and found it very convenient multiple times.

The important stuff:
I would highly recommend getting grandstand seats, especially at Dunlop if you can. Buy the seats ASAP because they sell out quickly. Dunlop has the best view because you get to see the cars coming out of pit and turn 1 as they come up the hill to Dunlop bridge which has sharp turns so the cars don't just blow past. You also get to hear and feel the difference between the motors for each car since they're not passing at speed. 100% do this.

Hope to God that it isn't hot.

Walk the track. Dunlop and Porsche curves are good corners. Take the bus to Mulsanne, Indianapolis, etc.

Get a earmuff headset radio so you can hear what's happening during the race. All the coverage at the track is in French. 100% do this.

For tickets, I would recommend 1st tickets in the UK. They shipped the tickets to me in the US and have always been quick to reply. Never had a single issue.

I think Le Mans is so amazing that if you get there, it'll be impossible to not have a great time. I spent hours just watching and listening to the race. It's really cool seeing all the cars fight for position because they aren't always shown on TV. Terrific experience, would go again.
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