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Thanks for the replies so far- I am at 45K and my warranty is with Endurance for up to 100K. The irony here is- When I was shopping for the 650 I did an intense research, meaning I pulled all the service record for the ones I deemed worthy. The ones in my neck of the woods all had misfiring on their records. I had to go to MA suburbs to get this from a little old lady- the car was garage kept for the majority of time she owned it. It still puzzles me why this occurred because I for sure don't abuse it- I only drive it on the weekends because I am on the train 5 days a week- just to show- when you think you have it all figured out.
There's no magic reason. Fuel injectors fail. They seem to fail on these cars more than some others. It's a cost of doing a business. Garage kept makes no difference to something like that, or to any mechanical issue really. I hope you didn't pass on a car you liked better just because it once had a misfire. That would be a bit like passing on date with a beautiful woman because she once had a pimple on her nose.
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