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Originally Posted by jacie6056 View Post
Congrats that's huge! what happened to your engine? downshifted seized? Had heard a lot of story about S63 motor seized and it let me considering about purchase a warranty
I was taking my wife out to dinner for her birthday, we pulled of the interstate on to a main street, stopped at a light and as I pulled away I could tell the car wasn't making power. I wasn't jack rabbit starting off the line but pressed in the peddle a bit more and there was not acceleration and i could hear some fluttering/tapping sounds from the engine. I pulled over and turned it off only to have it not restart.

I had it towed to bmw and eventually was told they would need 5k just to open the engine to begin a diagnosis. After I bought the car I took it to the dealership where it was originally bought and maintained. I got an oil change and some other things done. According to the SA the previous owner had the rod bearings done but didn't state how long ago.

The engine seized about a month after the oil change. smh

Once i get it in to a shop I will share what I learn with the community.
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