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Originally Posted by Mck444 View Post
Had the same issue with you with the random misfires. Replaced the plugs with NGK Iridium(not sure gap mechanic did it). Same w/ coil packs. No issues but sometimes there would just be random misfires. Next tank of gas and then no problems. Got sick of it and just detuned the car back to stock.
Can I ask what octane you were tuned for and were you stage 1 or stage 2 tune? Just trying to find commonalities to try and narrow down the issue.

I've heard that the Bootmod3 group on Facebook usually has helpful info for data logging after the tune and figuring out issues, so I might try that.

Since you tuned the car back to stock have you had any more misfires at all?

And do you not miss the power that came with the tune? I don't know if I could go back to stock and stay there with how much fun this car is tuned (when it doesn't misfire).
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