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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
The Canadians I know understand why BMWs cost more... on this forum all I ever read is people whining about it.

Cars cost more in Canada because the sales volume is less- what that means is that each car has to absorb more of the overhead.

Overhead in car land- support staff, office staff, office space, warranty, advertising, government mandates (emissions/crash tests), dealer incentives and a boat load more. You do realize that there is an entire headquarters in Richmond hill with people in it that get paid, electric bills, etc.?

The US sells more in one month sometimes than Canada sells in an entire year.

That is why it is cheaper to buy in the US... not even going to get into the whole purchasing power explanation and why currencies that may exchange higher do not always buy more goods/ services- read up at the Economist for that topic.

In the end Canada will always pay more per car it is a smaller market.

Last time I checked Canadians also had some form of medical insurance- that is truly unfair to tens of millions in the US. Different countries different issues and markets; not the same.
Agreed and well said, we will still complain though, its just fun to whine!
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