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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
According to currently released pricing of the 640i GC, it's only $3k dearer than a 640i Coupe, and significantly less than the 640i vert. So price-wise, it's positioned as 'slightly better' than the Coupe (subjective of course).

I own 2 Benzes - an 09 SLK300 and a '12 GL550. I can honestly say the tech is outdated in MB vs BMW. The 6er interior is one of the most beautiful interiors of any car available today. The CLS is not up to par tech-wise or interior-wise, in my humble opinion. I don't even consider the A7 because, again in my opinion having shopped Audis before buying an X6 and then a GL550, Audi interiors feel cheap in comparison to both MB and BMW in similar level cars.

If you have sat inside or have driven a Panamera, the interior is top-notch, and the 6er GC is similar in luxury (and above in tech) to a Panamera. They also have similar pricing. I really think in terms of theses factors, that the 6er GC and Panamera are both in a class above the CLS and A7.
I've drive a Panamera 4S and a 2012 CLS550, and I have the say the Panamera did feel a little better put together with nicer materials. I've never driven a 6 or 6 GC, so I guess that's why I'm having trouble believing they're at the Panamera level.

I guess the next step is to drive a 650i and see how it compares.

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Let me try to explain it:

6 series is a higher class than the CLS or A7 class so that's why the 6GC is in a higher class than the CLS and A7 because it's based on it and not based on the 5 series unlike the other 2 which are based on lower class.

In order for MB and Audi to compete with the 6 GC they need to introduce a new segment. You need to stop looking at the GC as another 4 door-coupe car just like the CLS/A7 because they share some design elements just like you wouldn't compare a 6er with a CL just because they are 2+2 luxury coupes.
That makes sense. I was previously looking at it like 6 is based on the 5 (much, much better than the 5) and the GC is just bigger (same interior, lights, rims, etc.), but it looks like I really do have to see how nice the new GC is. The CL analogy is also very true, so I see your point.

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