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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
I agree with you that they are just "fancy" sedans underneath.

I disagree with your CLS/E-class argument. The 6GC is sig more expensive to build than a F10. In fact, it is more expensive to build than a 6er coupe. Think of it as a f13 with 2 extra "couple-style" doors. The minimalized B-pillar, the frameless windows, the integrated seatbelt, independent front seats - that stuff ain't cheap. The CLS/ A7 are simply "fastback" sedans (as opposed to "notchback" sedans) - 4 door sedans with a sloped greenhouse. Not very much different than a jaguar XF.

The 6GC is really more 6 than it is 5. Ppl here can't wrap their heads around the pricing and keep referencing the shared engine/tranny - but every car in the entire lineup has the same engine/tranny from 1er to 7er.
I still don't see why you're saying the CLS isn't as different as the 6 GC. Every single piece of the interior and exterior, down to the rims, are completely unique for the CLS. They are not available on the E-class sedan or coupe. The same cannot be said about the 6-series GC, which shares bumpers, headlights, rims, dashboards, etc. with the "regular" 6. I'm not saying the car is ugly, or even that the CLS is better looking, but at least it's difference. My only point is that there's a better sense of value in the CLS, because more things are changed, than in the GC.

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