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Originally Posted by Mahzari View Post
How is there a bigger difference from 5-series to 6-series GC than from E-class to CLS? The 5-series and 6 GC have identical engines and transmission, and the GC has the same interior as the regular 6-series. If anything, the CLS is the only Mercedes with that exterior and interior.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the CLS, A7, and 6 GC are just sedans underneath with much better looking exteriors and interiors. With this in mind, the fact that the 640i costs more than a CLS550 and Panamera V6 is ridiculous.

I think the 6-series and 6-series GC are BMW's best looking cars as well, but well equipped versions push $95,000-$100,000, and frankly, I don't think they're worth it.
I agree with you that they are just "fancy" sedans underneath.

I disagree with your CLS/E-class argument. The 6GC is sig more expensive to build than a F10. In fact, it is more expensive to build than a 6er coupe. Think of it as a f13 with 2 extra "couple-style" doors. The minimalized B-pillar, the frameless windows, the integrated seatbelt, independent front seats - that stuff ain't cheap. The CLS/ A7 are simply "fastback" sedans (as opposed to "notchback" sedans) - 4 door sedans with a sloped greenhouse. Not very much different than a jaguar XF.

The 6GC is really more 6 than it is 5. Ppl here can't wrap their heads around the pricing and keep referencing the shared engine/tranny - but every car in the entire lineup has the same engine/tranny from 1er to 7er.
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