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Originally Posted by bigrum View Post
I feel like this wood stained fence is a catch 22 to clean...

I tried pressure washing and it started chipping away at the surface even when I was careful.

If I spray on a diluted bleach solution, won't it make uneven light spots where the spray was more concentrated?

Also it seems like the bottoms of the posts will eventually rot to death, not even sure what to do about that. The area doesn't get a whole lot of sun as you can tell.
I don't know about untreated wood, but I recently did our stained deck with a light bleach solution (purchased in a hose-mounted spray bottle).

I did it early morning (in the shade), wet everything down evenly, agitated with a stiff brush, then rinsed completely. Never let it dry on the wood. Results were perfect, with no streaking/spotting.

I would think as long as everything stays wet until rinsing, you shouldn't get any spotting.