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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
I hear ya! Gonna keep it simple this year than. Probably back with Milo for my fertilizer apps this year with RGS/HUMIC12 every 2 months. For the broadleaf control I bought that weed puller last year and anything the pre emergent doesn't get I'll use that to pull them out. It's a pretty cool tool to use. Just place it right over it, step on the tool and it rips out the broadleaf including the roots. I'll probably detach in the summer.
What was the weed puller? A weed shotgun?

Do you use a pull-behind tine dethatcher on your lawn tractor? I have one but felt it was better at making grooves and muddy streaks in my yard. Maybe the ground was too wet. lol The electric dethatcher I got off Amazon actually is pretty decent but I like it. Doesn't get it all up but thins it out (which is fine). Should work well for any melt off coming out of winter.