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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
I'll get my RGS/HUMIC12 thrown down probably this Weekend if it's nice. It's been raining these last couple of days. Debating on ordering the MicroGreen?
Naw...too rich for my blood. Especially in addition to RGS and Humic. Honestly, I'll probably par back on those once my current stock is done. It adds up quick for large yards and I'm feeling that I'm better off getting down a more basic routine first.

I liked the local fert and it was organic and well priced. 22-0-2, 50lb bag for $28 and it's only a 5-min drive. I saw no tangible difference btwn it, Hyr-brix, and Carbon-X last year.

Soil temps are still a bit cool for me to throw anything down yet. I'm seeing a little bit of broadleaf pop up in some spots, though, so maybe I'll still do pre-emergent. 5-day average is about 45F.

I had less die off this winter since we had less snow but I'll run my electric dethatcher to help comb up the dead stuff up and fluff the grass a bit before putting anything down. It's only 14" wide so it may take a bit and a lot of extension cord but it's just walking in passes. It's light as hell so it doesn't add much effort.