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Originally Posted by jtodd_fl View Post
Could never shrink the garage bro! You don't have basements way up north where you are do you? I personally shrunk the living room (the one no one uses, not the other one) by moving the back kitchen wall 3 feet into it. Needed way more kitchen space (I love to cook) - double ovens, 42" fridge... c'mon people...

Need to know: How does one sweat-proof the walls? Converting said recently-shrunken living room into workout room. Thanks.
Don't feel *too* bad for me just yet. The garage is just under 1500sf, but i shaved 2' off of the depth and 2' off of the end. Just stupid. It's still 22' deep, but the extra 2' would be useful at this point in time. With stuff lining the back wall, shelves, bikes, cabinets, etc.... i have to use a parking bump to ensure my front bumper is only 2 or 3" from the garage door. This gives about a 4' walkway between the rear bumper and cabinets.

Well, you have a couple of options. Use a few coats of gloss paint, cover the walls with fiberglass reinforced panels, or tile the walls. Since i'm a flooring guy, i'm going to be tiling the walls. Going to use some white subway tiles on the larger wall and glass mosaics on the cabinet wall. The dog dish is in there so i had already made a doggy dining backsplash behind where he eats with the white subway tile. Figure this will pull it all together and make for easy sweaty clean up.
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