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Originally Posted by jtodd_fl View Post
I did a pretty major remodel recently, but since I did very little of the work, it is weird to post as mine. All I did was hang fixtures (oh, and the demolition - which was fun.)

Edit: Especially after all the great work I see that you guys are actually doing!
Post it up!

All i did was design the kitchen. Well, and all the tile backsplash work. We're getting ready to tile most of the walls in the laundry/exercise room now that there is a treadmill in there. Gotta sweat proof the walls.

It was pretty fun getting to draw out and design a house from scratch. Have a few regrets, mostly in regards to shrinking a few areas to save money. One of which being the garage. People think i'm weird when i tell them i'm pissed about shrinking the garage, but that was a stupid idea.
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