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Originally Posted by city1991 View Post
I don't know, would think since it's a standard Bmw it shouldn't have shipping issues. I'd be willing to pay shipping if you can find the price. Also what model engine? E63 with all the problems or is it a different engine since it's a European car?
Thanks for your reply.

You might want to read a site such as this (Shipping car UK to US) and maybe even call them to confirm the details. It looks like costs are approx. 1k for shipment, not sure what else might need done to make it legal in US.

It has the 4.4L TwinTurbo V8 (N63) engine. As mentioned, vac lines, injectors, etc. were replaced under warranty and since no issues. It runs like new. Always have used the best petrol, lubes, etc.. and never abused it.

Engine bay (and entire car) was detailed in October, so it looks pretty too! lol