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Originally Posted by DreamerM6 View Post
GTR fanboys just relax, take a deep breath or 2 or 10 and read this:

All of us already know the GTR has a massive AWD launch system, and there is no doubt in anyone that the GTR will win robot to robot races.

What these videos demonstrate is that once traction is out of the way the M6 kills the GTR. Hence the race for 1000m or rolling. The GTR will still have a 1sec 0-100 advantage over the M6, and if it is faster than the M6 then it should keep its lead or even increase it even if the distance is longer than 400m. Correct?

The race was in the video was not to determine who has the better traction system or fastest reaction time. Just because a car hits 100 faster than the other, doesn't say it will be faster up to 300km/h or 1km.

Rolling start: better understanding of the CARS potential. Standing start; better understanding of the DRIVERS potential or AWD system.
fyi i am not a fanboy but when you post bs and trying to make other people that dont know any better that stock to stock ur m6 is faster your full of it. ive raced a f430/ viper/ new m5 all on the hghway when i was stock and i pulled on all of them. the m5 and viper i didnt pull very fast but i was pulling on them even after 120 mph this is why i call bs on your post. you pulled on them like you had 200 more than them , when in reality you have 300 more pounds of wieight and 30 more hp than the 2012. so it should be a very tight race on the highway not blow his doors off. stop dreaming and face reality here..

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