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Is 255/35-20F & 285/30-20R Xdrive ok?

I have a 2015 650i GC Xdrive with factory 373M staggered rims 8.5F and 9.0R

Factory tires are staggered at 245/35-20 Front and 275/30-20 Rear

Factory variance of factory staggered wheel/tire setup that I have for my xdrive is:

Front: 245/35-20
Diameter = 26.8in
Sidewall = 3.4in
Revs/mile = 754

Rear: 275/30-20
Diameter = 26.5in
Sidewall = 3.2in
Revs/mile = 762

Factory difference is 1.1% (contradicts what BMW says at less than 1% for Xdrive)

Would it be ok to run the below configuration with xdrive since its an identical difference to my factory 1.1% variance setup above?:

Front: 255/35-20
Diameter = 27in
Sidewall = 3.5
Revs/mile = 747

Rear: 285/30-20
Diameter = 26.7in
Sidewall = 3.4in
Revs/mile = 755

And is there any rubbing issues?

Ive considered running for more sidewall height for more protection from pot holes (245/40-20F & 275/35-20R) but I think the 1 inch taller diameter would make my GC sit too tall even though it would fill the fender wells more.

I know with taller sidewalls and wider width together (255/40-20 & 285-35-20) will not work up front due to top of tire hitting the xdrive front control arm knuckle without a substantial spacer with the 373m wheels. Plus they are just really big and tall tires overall under there and looks odd I would think.

If anyone has any pics or has done any of the above or have recommendations please let me know. But I am leaning towards 255/35-20F and 285/30-20R if no xdrive issues since its same 1.1% should be fine right?
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