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Interesting thing happened to my DW this weekend. She had a rather large/bulky package from an online shop that shipped FedEx (not a rush shipment, FedEx Ground or Home), that was scheduled for delivery on Sunday. FedEx claimed to have made the delivery at 3:37 PM Sunday on their tracking site. We were home, our OCD psycho dog did not alert to a delivery truck, my security cameras did not record any traffic on our street, and there was most definitely no package outside our house.

She called the vendor first thing Monday, who claimed to have run a package trace with FedEx and they confirmed delivery. They said that if it wasn't on our porch, someone must have stolen it.

My DW wanted to call the police at this point, but I told her to sit tight. I figured that the Sunday FedEx driver wanted to go home early, and marked all of the packages still on the truck as delivered to meet their shipping SLA and left them for the weekday driver to deal with.

Sure exactly 3:37 PM on MONDAY...a FedEx truck pulled up...OCD psycho dog went bonkers...and the package was delivered.

In case you were wondering, the package was a high-value item...72 rolls of toilet paper.....
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