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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Amusing story...

So about about a decade ago we were building something at the UPS facility in Louisville. We needed to ship some hardware to the Louisville UPS facility to install it. Our logistics folks shipped the hardware via UPS (we have corporate contracts to use UPS). Well the hardware kept getting lost. Three times we shipped it UPS and three times it got lost.

So I told our logistics people ship it FedEx; they looked at me really funny. The hardware showed up 2 days later. When I told my UPS contact it was coming FedEx he said "good idea". The issue he finally admitted to was, there's a standing rule that after a package processing shift, if there is a package left in the facility, someone gets their ass kicked. A FedEx package sticks out like a sore thumb at a UPS facility...

Someone saw the FedEx package, said WTF, and actually read the FedEx ship-to address.
But how does that relate to it getting lost three times by UPS?