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Originally Posted by EuroKar
Originally Posted by C's Bimmer View Post
What are the main differences you notice between BMS and Dinan? Obviously, it's a pretty big price difference, so I'm curious what you notice the most between the two. I have the BMS, but have been reading up on Dinan's site since they released their tune for cars with CP.
The biggest difference is how much smoother the vehicle performs. The engine and transmission feel to operate a lot more efficiently.
It is noticeable how much better the Dinan setup works.
Now, the power gains are just about the same it is hard to tell a difference with the 2 in terms of HP gains.
But, with the BMS you can increase the boost to get more performance obviously, but the more boost you increase the more you can feel how the vehicle adapts to those changes and it is not as smooth as you would expect it to be. (Hope that made sense)
Dinan is in development of more products and in turn more software levels will be available. Time will only tell with that.
You will get mixed reviews on this, seems that everyone just wants more power (I do as well) and all they want are dyno numbers without thinking about consequential issues with the vehicle as a whole.
Both kits work great. Just up to what the vehicle owner is looking for.
Anyone in Socal interested in a ride along I am always available and attend almost every major car event here as well as Targa Trophy events.

This is exactly what I've said on some threads where people just look at the peak hp number and say that the cheaper xxx tune is just as good since it's cheaper and offers the same (or more) hp increase.

I have no experience with Dinan, but your exact words are what German magazines often use to explain the difference between a cheap tune and a AC Schnitzer tune for instance.

Usually you get what you pay for