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Originally Posted by shine775 View Post
There is a cig outlet in the passenger footwell under the glove box.
Not on mine, probably due to a different market region.
Anyway i was not in the need for the usb socket for charging purpose only, and i also hate to see cables going across the car (yeah, OCD)

Originally Posted by premo View Post
Haha I like this! I am looking at stacking Jb4 with my backend flash.
It's still a work in progress (don't look at the screws because i'm going to replace them with countersunked black ones which will go flush, and also the holes need to be filed a little bit more precisely)

Anyway this is the material list I'm using for this project:

-1x E-Net cable hided inside the car

-1x 10mt. USB extension cord from USB Type A 2.0 to USB Type B 2.0 (for the methanol controller in the trunk)

-1x USB HUB from USB Type A 3.0 to 3x USB Type A 3.0 and 1x Ethernet (RJ-45) port

-1x phone/laptop charger with USB Type C 45W PD port and 2x USB Type A 5V/2.4A

-1x USB Type C to USB Type C extension cord

-1x USB adapter from USB Type A 3.1 to USB Type C

-1x USB Type A to USB Type C

-1x USB Type C to USB Type C

-2x USB Type C Male to USB Type C female for panel mount

How it works:

My computer uses an USB Type C port for recharge and an USB Type A 3.0 port for data transfer.

The Type C port of the laptop will go directly to one USB C socket installed in the cupholder, using a short USB C to USB C extension cord.
Hided inside the trim there will be the phone/laptop cig charger directly connected to it.
It's essentialy an usb socket to recharge my computer/phone, and nothing more.

The USB A port of the laptop will go in the other USB C installed in the cupholer (using the short USB A to USB C extension cord)
Hided inside the trim there will be the USB Hub in which i will connect the ethernet cable (coming from the e-net) and the USB A socket (coming from the methanol controller using the USB A to USB B extension cord)
For this USB hub i need to use the USB C to USB A adapter showed previously for the panel mounted USB C

This way, when i need to use my laptop for tuning/datalogging purpose, i only have to connect two short extension cable (one for power and one for data).
When i don't have the laptop connected, nothing can be seen apart from the two small usb socket inside the cup holder.

Hope that explains my situation and my resolution of the "problem"

Pic of the usb panel mount cable installed + video (the two sockets fit perfectly without the need to cut any tabs on the cupholder trim, this ensure it will lock in place like it was intended originally)

Also swapped the screws today and countersunked the holes in the plastic, it's now more elegant to see even though it's not perfect because hand-made. I guess I will live with that.

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