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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
It doesn't turn it into the traditional "M" car, but it does makes it the new additional category of "M" car.

I see nothing wrong with this if it allows the traditional M models to be focused on even higher performance and being better than ever.
I agree. There is already a dilution of the M Brand with all the M Sport options and a 'legitimate' X5M and X6M. It is already difficult to explain the difference between M Sport and Mx models to most folks, but car guys know and I think that's all that matters.

I am for it as long as it means that the highest spec SUVs, automatics and diesels are M Performance models, but only petrol cars with manuals or DCTs can be M cars. Does the extra money and efficiency generated from M Performance sales mean we can get bespoke engines in an M car in the future again??

Update: I would also prefer this if it also meant that you lost the M-Sport body trim only option. Its Sport, or M Performance...
The risk with all these lines is dilution of value, how much of the cost of that package are you going to get back on trade in. The market wont decipher all these differences and added cost options will be pennies on the dollar on the back end because for one, the used value guides already have a hard time pricing these options or even listing them appropriately. So conceivably an F30 could be base, modern, luxury, sport, M Sport, M Performance or M3...geez
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