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Originally Posted by 1932blownhemi View Post
I'm considering purchasing a 2017 M6 with 37,000 miles. It's a certified used with 5 months & 12,000 miles of warrantee left. The 5 months will be up way before the mileage. Asking price is $59,000 which I will definitely work them down on the price. Kelly Blue Book says a fair price is $56,000. My question is should I have it checked out by a mechanic? Or would you folks feel comfortable buying it without having it checked? Anything I can/should check out myself? Thank You! Bill

Having purchased my M6 CPO I would say having it checked out by an independent mechanic would probably be redundant. That being said I would never fault someone for having a $100-$200 PPI done before spending $50k+ on a car (or less) if it helped them buy with confidence.

IMO from my years working for Porsche, manufacturer's CPO standards (at least German brands) are quite rigorous and is a must for me when looking at high performance pre-owned cars.

Should you end up buying this car, I would advise doing what I did and bringing the car back to BMW a week or two before the warranty is set to expire and tell them to do every warranty item they can find. They will be happy to do so because they still get paid for the work, it just comes out of BMW's pockets instead of yours. It got me some new rear axle main seals that were just starting to leak