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Harsh/Stiff Ride Solved

I bought a new 2018 640ix Jan 2019 delivered to my dealer in the midwest from NJ. Previously drove SUVs my whole life. Took delivery and was shocked by the stiff and uncomfortable ride (like a 1984 Jeep Wrangler with over-inflated tires). The 2016 650i that I test drove did not feel that way, but I chalked it up to the factory runflats and lack of e-dampers on mine. Complained to the dealer and they suggested that I replace the runflats. I did after 1,500k uncomfortable miles with some improvement. But it was still harsh and I regretted buying the car. Sadly, I would choose to drive my 2010 4 Runner if the trip involved average to below average roads instead of my beautiful new 6 series.

After 9k miles a creak sound started coming from the rear suspension. Dealer found the nearly destroyed TRANSIT SUSPENSION BLOCKS on the shock! The NJ dealer did not remove one set of blocks. What a difference. Finally I love the car. If your new ride is surprisingly harsh check the suspension blocks. Apparently this happens often. Which is unbelievable. Smooth Roads Ahead!