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Originally Posted by MelbourneFinn View Post
Gorgeous car, same age as my SMB, pleased to see they will "age" so well (mine only has 16k km/10k mls). Love the colour combo, but I didn't know they made these without the rear climate control options... Well, I guess Aussie cars come with most options as standard, then again nobody really sits on the rear seat in my car anyway.

Can't see from the pictures, but if yours doesn't have Michelin PS4S, that would be the best way of spending some money on it - changing from the OEM P-Zeros transformed the car. Also, get the alignment sorted - not at BMW, but find someone who knows what they do. Remember, the rear axle has adjustment in our cars, but appears it's pain in the butt to do, but so worth it.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about the spoiler, these cars look so classy that it will just make it look strange - looks good on F13, though.

The other "mod" I would suggest is a proper after market sound system upgrade, but as yours has B&O its so much trickier, so probably don't worry about it. But our cars are pretty damn good acoustically, so you could get amazing sound. This would also delete the synthetic sound piping through speakers - but you can delete that separately...

Enjoy, and let us know how you get on with it!
The main reason I got an NZ car instead of a UK import is that our cars are AU spec with ventilated seats - UK cars don't have that as standard, nor do they have 4 zone climate which came as standard in AU and by default NZ.

I still like the factory spoiler though on all F chassis M6
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