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Interesting you mention that. I put 9 bottles of redline in when i changed the oil. That brought my oil level to about half way on the electronic dipstick. I ran it for the 3500 miles or so and re measured prior to the oil change and it was in the same exact spot. if it moved down a little it was undetectable. i had not added any oil and it looks like it did not consume any oil at all.

I put the same amount of oil in on the oil change and again right in the middle. but 9.5 bottles of the redline should bring it to max on the electronic dipstick.

side note doing a liqui moly molygen 5w-40 oil change on a friends M5 putting in 9.5 bottles brought him to max as well. He will be changing over to redline i think in the future as his car consumes a quart every 800 miles. car is driven pretty hard but still i find that 800 miles is a bit excessive in consumption.
Have your friend change his PVC valves this might help with his oil consumption,
I believe Liquimoly is distributed in liters, and Redline is in quarts
Im actually his mechanic. Both his car and my car i replaced the pcv tubes with the updated version. I also think you are right with the quarts and liters.

I am unsure what is wrong with his car that it eats oil so badly. The only things i can think of are valve seals, turbos, or the rings sadly. Car still stock and it doesnt smoke either.