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Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
Awesome! Thanks for sharing the reports, Looks like im going to use Redline 5W50 now I have been patiently waiting for your report ,
I just changed my oil but its ok I like doing it LOL ,I also just sent in my oil to see how my engine is doing im using Liquimoly Molygen 5w40 .To me it sounds like Blackstone was favoring the Redline due to some of those higher numbers of those specific additives
It actually looks like there is more moly in redline than liqui moly. and it also looks like it holds up really well under the pressure the engine puts on the bearings. i was always afraid of lead and copper wear, but it looks better seeing none in a report. My car is daily driven with a few pulls here and there but after seeing this i will try to abuse the oil more. good to see it did well after all the speculation. we can finally start to see what is going on