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Originally Posted by MI6
Think better before posting.

The R8 has been out for years now- the GT for at least a year- so yes, one would expect quite a few used examples and new to be up for sale.

But the M6 vert has been on sale here for 3 WEEKS! yet there are more than plenty available. PROBABLY NOT A GOOD SIGN.

Again, I think it is an awesome car.
Just saying I don't think the American consumer considers BMW in the same class as Porsche so this could be a problem.

Now China- that's a whole other story and clearly Munich does not have to worry about US sales as much due to growth in other markets.

Put down the cool-aid Judah. I like BMW as much as anyone else on this forum- I just question the wisdom of it's price point.......
Really, what's with the super emotional reply post and what does, "think better before you post" mean ?

How about you read better before you reply post. I did not mention "USED" R8's, GT or otherwise. The vehicles I referred to are all new as can be seen on Also note I wrote, "a number of high end manufacturers". I used the Audi R8 as an example because it was reported as being "Sold Out", is that a sore spot for you ?

Currently, alot of high end new cars are sitting on the floor unsold due to a poor almost worldwide economy the fact that they've just been introduced to the market or have been here for 2+ years doesn't matter.

Now here in the US by me, the three closest dealers have sold their M6 convertibles before they hit the floor. I think you are making quite a few incorrect assumptions about American consumers as I am one and do NOT agree with your beliefs about American consumers....

What the hell are you talking about Kool Aid,(with a K not a C) for, grow up and use grown up words to convey....
Do you even know what you are saying when you write that ? Do you know the history of that statement ?
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